Dear Twitch…we have to talk.

An Open letter to the People at Twitch…

Dear Twitch, my name is GodOfKnockers.

I’m not mad that you are abiding by DMCA. One of the things that anger me is that there is no system in place to help us identify what content violates it so we can remove just that content, instead of this mass exodus of content.

Under the DMCA, the liability falls on the streamer. I get that, but you guys have your role to play as well here: inform us when content violates DMCA, POINT OUT where it is, and help us deal with it.

Simply put, that means:

  1. Better editing tools for streamers.
  2. Options to appeal/rectify complaints.
  3. Notice as to when the infraction takes place.

You said we would get new tools to help us with that but we never really got that from you, so we are running blind. Tons of content is being deleted because we have no choice/option available. We have the options to mess delete, but what about the tools to fix and PROTECT our content? We don’t know what is and isn’t infringing content, as any source can be placed under DMCA protection at any time. The DMCA report system can and is abused by rightsholders, that means collateral damage: streamers getting dinged, but never violated DMCA at all.

Hell, even Video Game Music could get caught in the query and many of us stream video games. We never got the tools and support you said we would get. We just got options to mass DELETE our content, features we do have are not very helpful or cumbersome, and we have an app for music that, while copyright-cleared on Twitch, cannot be used on YouTube AND allegedly, the artists aren’t being properly compensated for use. This is all upside-down and inside out.

You guys dropped the ball and tried to pick it up with your butt.

And yes, some people straight flouted the rules and TOS when it came to music used in their streams, but they are in the minority. It’s not a common practice among content creators to do that and said creators prefer being on the legit side of the laws and rules when it comes to their creative works.

We don’t enter Twitch knowing every little thing about the laws and the DMCA. We don’t know everything, and we will need help in making sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. This is a problem that could’ve been sorted out YEARS ago, maybe even avoided.

You guys need to put some scoot in your boot and get on this. Not next month or next year. Right now. I’ve done/doing my part by deleting my content.

Now it’s your turn, Twitch.

Sincerely, The Twitch Community.




Lead Game Developer for The Adventures of Sam and Hunni and a man who wears many hats. Twitch Affiliate Streamer. Twitch name: GodOfKnockers.

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Patrick Blake Mason

Patrick Blake Mason

Lead Game Developer for The Adventures of Sam and Hunni and a man who wears many hats. Twitch Affiliate Streamer. Twitch name: GodOfKnockers.

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